Tuesday 28 April 2009

The Keeper Launch Party

The Keeper Launch Party

Hi everyone,

As I mentioned in my last blog entry, the launch party for The Keeper was last week. The event took place at Bourdon House in Mayfair, which is a lovely venue. Bourdon House was the residence of the second Duke of Westminster until his death in 1953 and it is currently the flagship store of Alfred Dunhill, which is why this photograph has my books flanked by good-looking men's leather luggage!

It was a gorgeous spring evening and it was so good to be surrounded by friends and by the many people who toil behind the scenes at my publisher and who work very hard indeed to make my book a success. We had champagne and we had chocolates -- all provided by another very generous and talented man, my friend Bill McCarrick: the owner of the Sir Hans Sloane Chocolate and Champagne House. He is the guy in the white chef's uniform on my right in the picture below. And no, I'm not singing The Hills are Alive in the other picture, I'm actually making a speech and getting just a little carried away :)

It was a fun evening but I woke up the next day with my voice all but gone. I still sound like Darth Vader, which is freaking me out as I have a few radio interviews lined up this week....Fingers crossed I'll start sounding like Marlene Dietrich soon.

Have a good week everyone!

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